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Welcome to the Falmouth Community!

The following provides an introduction for families and students enrolled in Falmouth's English Second Language (ESL) Support System.

It is the goal of Falmouth’s English as a Second Language (ESL) program to ensure that all non-English speaking students receive assistance to achieve academic and social language proficiency. The Falmouth Public School Department is obligated to follow all state and federal guidelines in the provision of equal opportunities to non-English speaking students. The Lau Plan is the Falmouth
School Board’s approved document which fully describes ESL in Falmouth. To access this information please visit:  We would like to acknowledge the extent of difficulties and challenges that many newcomers experience and hope that this information helps you and your family with

Meet The Staff:
ESL Teacher: Erica Menard 781-7429 ext.5623  or 781-3740 ext. 4300
ESL Teacher:  Jill Morrissey 781-3988 ext. 3212
Community Resources:
Falmouth Community Recreational Programs 781-5253
Falmouth Memorial Library 781-2351
Portland Public Library 871-1700
Multilingual Center, Portland 874-8135

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